Is every death of a black man

who fights back against police while being arrested and tries to run gonna be a Federal Investigation?

At what point do we simply accept that these people are turds? Felony warrant, struggles, tries to run, drive at police, gets shot. Bodycam and other footage proves this.

This criminal life matters to the Media….and BLM. But not the 30 people shot on the South Side of Chicago last weekend. (not a one by the Police)….Those, becuae they were likely shot by other black people, are ignored.

Instead of railing at the Police and white people in general, they should clean out their own mess. Deal with their own issues. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, Stop covering up their own culture’s failings. Discard their trash and uplift the good, instead of the reverse.

Yeah, I know, “Racisssss”. Whatever.


ETA: “Dogsledder”, I saw your comment. Not gonna post it.

3 thoughts on “Is every death of a black man

  1. after a reporter asked mayor bug-eyed about the shootings, she? decided she? won’t give interviews to white reporters any truth hurts i guess.

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