Almost 12,000

11,863 to be exact.

That is the number of rounds that the Non-Ruger 10-22 took before needing cleaning due to malfunctions caused by soot in the reciever and bolt. (there was a LOT of soot there too). Up until the last 5 or 10 rounds, it was shooting a half minute of angle or so. Then it wouldn’t stay on the paper (or load without malfs) and I think the bolt wasn’t closing all the way or something……

It had been a year and a half since I had had to disassemble it for cleaning…So long, in fact, that I found the booklet that came with my other (made by Ruger) 10-22 and reviewed the disassembly process just so I was sure I remembered how….

Took a LOT of cleaning to get all that schmutz out of the bolt and reciever. The barrel was, surprisingly, clean. (Tactical Innovations bolt and receiver and a Whistle Pig aluminum barrel) The Kidd trigger was clean, so I left it alone.

Should be good for another 11+K rounds now. I’ll take it to the Range for my usual Tuesday morning meetup with Bill and others and see how it runs.