New shooter:

So the instructor who taught me my twin engine stuff asked if I could take her to the range and let her shoot.

Of course I would.

Schedules took a bit of time to mesh, but we did make it work and met up at the range.

A short, but thorough,  safety lesson and some instruction on the parts of a pistol and a revolver, and we went into the range inself.

We started out with the Colt Woodsman, but it decided to be finicky (it does that at random times, never been able to fix it) , so we moved to the GSG/Sig 1911-22 and then the Buckmark with the red dot.

She did well, and wanted to try more, so then we moved to a P238 and then a Shield in 9mm….she liked the Sig but not the Shield.

Of course, she had to try the 1911 in .45, but she really liked the 238 best.

Out of time, we cleaned up and left the range.

She wants to go again.

One more person who, if not pro gun, isn’t gonna be anti-gun.

5 thoughts on “New shooter:

  1. Finicky how? Take the colt woodsman apart, and check the pin on the hammer strut. Mine had a little tit on the end from the cutoff tool on the lathe. That was occasionally scraping on the internal side of the receiver and causing a malfunction. Also, these may be ammo sensitive, if it is an early gun, standard velocity ammo works best. At least in mine.

  2. It had extraction and feed issues with 4 different kinds of ammo.
    SOmetimes it will feed those same brands flawlessly, other times, not.

    Not the magazine, as far as I can tell, I only have one original and one reproduction. THe original works better, but when it is being finicky, neither one works.
    Irritating. Especially when it is intermittent.

    • If it has a heel mag release, the Beretta Neo’s mags will work with slight filing of the plastic heel plate so they engage the Colts latch.
      Stripping and cleaning the mags might help.
      Intermittent problems are a pain, but something is causing them.

      • I’ll have to try the Neo mag.
        I hate trying to find an intermittent issue.

        When it runs well, it is an awesome gun.

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