Who are they tryin’ to convince?

So CBS this morning (I watch the local CBS affiliate in the morning for the local weather) just keeps pushing the “Despite what Ex-Preisdent Trump says, the election was not stolen” meme….nearly daily.

Now, I’m not convinced either way. I do know that the attempts to audit the election counts have met with resistance, and that the courts refused at the time to allow recounts due to irregularities….citing all sorts of reasons to not force a check, none of which were, in my opinion, valid….Why not do whatever it takes to ensure election integrity?


But the Media keeps telling us that:

There was no fraud, None. Zero.

The allegation of fraud were investigated and found to be invalid (wrong, there were no larger scale audits).

That the election has been investigated and settled (again, a lie) and the “courts have settled it” .

Allegations of election fraud have been proven to be a lie (no proof has been produced because no audits have been done and, really, no investigation was done either)…the couts have, instead, said  that because there was no proof there was no need for an investigation)

They never, ever, fail to refer to the election controversey as a “Lie”.

One wonders why they KEEP telling us these things…..almost as if they, themsleves, don’t believe it either and are simply saying the same story over and over and over and over hoping that the rest of us will believe it if they tell us often enough.

And it isn’t just CBS….it is nearly every mainstream Media outlet that does this.

3 thoughts on “Who are they tryin’ to convince?

  1. And the dems are fighting the audit in Maricopa County tooth and nail, they DO NOT want that audit to be completed.

  2. It is straight from the playbook: repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth.

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