You people are the issue!

So I met a person today who was virulently anti gun.

“you people with guns are the issue, you folks prevent us from stopping gun violence”

“Gun violence is prevalent and is a scourge on our society”

“Why do you carry a gun, anway?”

I carry a gun so that I can PREVENT gun violence…or any violence….be prepared for situations where I might need to stop a threat from someone intent on doing harm to me or the people with me

“You are a fool…the chances of that happening are nearly zero”.


So which is it? If gun violence is prevalent then why are the chances that I might need a gun nearly zero?”



Do these folks even listen to their own dialectic?

4 thoughts on “You people are the issue!

  1. If you could reason with democrats, there would be no democrats.

  2. No, they don’t.

    Sounds like you met a True Believer. They’re the gun control movement’s useful idiots. The ones that run the show are the dangerous ones, because they know it isn’t about guns, but the ability to control the population.

  3. Of course not. And they cannot ‘defend’ their positions either…

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