Merry Christmas

 May you and your families enjoy a Merry Christmas. 

This may not be a “Normal” Christmas, but let us not forget why we clelebrate this day. 

If you are mot Christian, plrease take the above in the manner in which it was intended. 

Double standards (again)

 So everyone on the left, and the Media (but I repeat myself) is crying about the Presidential Pardons that are happening…..

Really? What is the difference between these pardons and the slew of pardons that Barry the O did as he was leaving office? One thing: These current pardons are for folks that the Left hates, rather than Barrys pardoned criminals, whom the Left had a soft spot for.  

But, of course, the Left is making a big deal bout these folks that Donald is gifting pardons to, because they are not Approvd Felons…..It would be irritating to me, the double standards of the Left, except that I have come to expect it. 

Can any Congress, ever,

 pass any sort of relief bill without padding it with a great deal of “pork”..often at an amount even greater than the amount of relief for the actual reason for the bill? 

I mean, it seems that each and every time this sort of bill is legislated, the pork add ons are incredible….

and I am not singling out the Democrats for this behavior. Both sides are guilty. 

Fewer cars on the road has an insignificant impact on Glowbal warming?

 So CBS News has stated that fewer cars are on the road because of Covid lockdowns and people working from home…

And that has had an “insignificant” impact on Global Warming. Literally 15% fewer cars,  7% fewer “emissions” yet it has effectively no impact…..could it be that the models are wrong? All those emails from Stay at Home workers are negating the effect of all those cars driving fewer miles… (ad)

They claim that 100 emails produce the same carbon footprint as 1 mile of driving (Which is a terrible oversimplification, really) So all those people working from home are negating the fact that they aren’t driving to work…..All those emails use a terrible amount of power….. 

Or is it possible that all those cars had a negligible impact BEFORE the Covid crisis? And the computers are a wash, whether they are produced and read from home or in an office, as are the emails. The servers are operating, and sending an email through it uses a very tiny addional amount of power vs the server sitting idle, but powered…. It’s not like anyone is gonna shut down the email servers, is it? 

Can the folks at CBS do any math? Have they no logic in their thoughts? 

Well, that was a bit of fun

 So here I am driving…and some asshole had to wave his—Corvette—- at everyone. 

It was a nice car, but driven by an idiot. He did , obviously, have a LOT of cash, as there is no other reason a 25 year old lday who looks and dresses like that would be his wife….as old as he was….I assume a wife, ’cause she was wearing a 3 carat or better bit of carbon crystal on her hand. 

Anyway, he was tearing it up, showing off the power of the car. I couldn’t resist messing with him in the Dodge Diesel…Yes, out of town that car can run away from me, and, in the hands of a person who knows how to drive, can eat me for lunch (I am, after all, driving a 4WD diesel)…but in town I was able to not only keep up, but run away from him stoplight to stoplight…and brake well enough to negate his advantage there as well. Plus weaving in and out of traffic….He didn’t know how to drive. It was fun. Turns too, I’m no expert at driving, but he was most obviously not a well trained driver…. And while we weren’t really street racing (that would be illgal, after all) it was a bit sporty at times, not only stoplight to stoplight, but through the curvy bits as well. In the hands of an expert driver (which he was most obviously not) the Corvette can do a lot. In his hands, I was able to make him look bad with a truck…His lady was laughing at his antics…and at one stoplight smiled, winked, and stuck her toungue out at me…She knew.

Nice ride though. I wish I could afford one like that. Plus the car…

A Message From Federal, CCI, Speer And Remington

For those folks who don’t understand basic suppy and demans…Economics 101. as it were. 
And for those who say “why don’t they build more plants? ….would you invest tens of millions of dollars, if you knew that in a month Kamala Harris Joe Biden would be President? Knowing that you might be investing for a future where it is hard for people to own firearms much less shoot ’em? Where your investment might end up sitting idle? 
If you were foolish enough to not stock up on ammo during the Trump years, then you deserve the situation you find yourself in now. 

USPS fails:

 Can anyone explain why the USPS is failing in such a spectacular fashion nearly everywhere this year?

I mean, on a good year, the US Postal Service is a less than excellent service provider. They do (sorta) usually step it up for Christmas season, but for the past several months they ahve been….less than stellar…

Why? Is there a (valid) reason for this? 

How would you know?

 Maybe Pence DID get the vaccine shot this morning….and maybe he didn’t….Perhaps it was just saline solution in that syringe. 

HOW WOULD YOU KNOW one way or the other? 

Were you there? Did you see the vial that the “vaccine” was drawn from? Do you know the provenance of that vial?  

I’m not saying that he did not get the shot….but I have no way of knowing what was in that syringe. No way of verifying any of the claims.

It might well be that it is all theater. Most “News” is. I have no way of knowing if anyone that I can trust verfied that the stuff that was injected into out (current) vice-President was, in fact, the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. …nor that it wasn’t for that matter. 

Neither do you. 

Think about it. Do you have any reason to trust any of the actors here? The Media? I don’t. I believe that Pence is a good man, but even he doesn’t know, for sure, what was in that needle or where it came from. 

It’s not like the Media or the Federal Government has ever lied to us before…..