USPS fails:

 Can anyone explain why the USPS is failing in such a spectacular fashion nearly everywhere this year?

I mean, on a good year, the US Postal Service is a less than excellent service provider. They do (sorta) usually step it up for Christmas season, but for the past several months they ahve been….less than stellar…

Why? Is there a (valid) reason for this? 

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  1. besides rampant mismanagement and crony "diversity" you mean? yes. the p.o. took a contract to deliver amazon packages for less than it costs to deliver them, with no increase in personnel or infrastructure. why? the grift. no other answer. not only that, but amazon's get priority over regular mail. to try to mitigate the carnage the p.o. decided they could give themselves more leeway in delivering anything but amazon mail. they superseded congressional mandates(strings attached to extra funding) to allow themselves 3 extra days to deliver mail to us regular folks. we usually get something every day, but this month we go several days with nothing, then a huge mailbox full, obviously held for days. more like a banana republic every day.

  2. Well, aside from Covid has things ever more than before delivered though mail instead of in person shopping.. And as the above comment mentions Amazon gets priority over everything else it is very much a crap shoot affair. And things just get delivered when they get delivered. Sometimes I have had things show up in a quick fashion and other times the same mail priority takes nearly two weeks to arrive. (Smaller package too by the way and it sat for a week in a location for no reason listed coming from the very same seller)

  3. I currently have 5 eBay packages sitting in various locations around the country. The tracing is absolutely hilarious as they routed incorrectly then sit there for days before they move to the next wrong distribution center. Luckily, none of these packages are critical.

    I fully expect the USPS to be raked over the coals, first by the public, then by congress after Christmas. There are going to be a lot of disappointed and pissed off customers.

  4. I love the USPS!
    it is a lie and a hoax that the USPS delivers amazon packages for below their cost.
    BUt then, the righties love their lies about USPS because they and that trumpie guy all want to destroy the USPS.
    And do you really believe the UPS, fedex, whatever, will deliver mail to every address in the USA 6 days a week?
    ANyways, people like the above commenters should learn about the USPS.

  5. I buy and sell on Ebay. No lost mail out of many hundreds for the past year until this November. USPS has lost 5 of my mailings in the last 4 weeks! Rumors of loaded trucks parked with full loads of mail. Local office only opened 4 hours a day with huge lines waiting. DISASTER!

  6. 2 weeks off, nearly without a Dr's excuse, nearly as often as you want it, WITHOUT a required test.
    "I don't feel good"…and you take 2 weeks with pay. It's available to me right now, and as many times as I want it. Why work for a living when you can get paid holidays?

  7. That said, I don't, won't and haven't taken my normal vacation let alone 'free' sick time. I also don't work for the PO.

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