How would you know?

 Maybe Pence DID get the vaccine shot this morning….and maybe he didn’t….Perhaps it was just saline solution in that syringe. 

HOW WOULD YOU KNOW one way or the other? 

Were you there? Did you see the vial that the “vaccine” was drawn from? Do you know the provenance of that vial?  

I’m not saying that he did not get the shot….but I have no way of knowing what was in that syringe. No way of verifying any of the claims.

It might well be that it is all theater. Most “News” is. I have no way of knowing if anyone that I can trust verfied that the stuff that was injected into out (current) vice-President was, in fact, the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. …nor that it wasn’t for that matter. 

Neither do you. 

Think about it. Do you have any reason to trust any of the actors here? The Media? I don’t. I believe that Pence is a good man, but even he doesn’t know, for sure, what was in that needle or where it came from. 

It’s not like the Media or the Federal Government has ever lied to us before…..

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