“Some white guy”

 So I stopped on the way to some shopping…

I see these two women on the left side of the road, on the shoulder, hazard lights blinking. I pull over in front of them and walk back to see if they need my help. (I may not be a gentleman, but I can’t pass by a lady in distress)

They had lost the entire exhaust system, catalytic converter back. It was hanging by a thin strip of exhaust tubing and one mount, getting caught under one of the rear tires, and making a lot of dragging noise. Not a big deal, easily removed so they could get on their way. Took less than 5 minutes. 

The one lady was on the phone with someone, and when I offered help, she said into the phone “Some white guy is here and he is helping us”. 

Did I mention that these two ladies were african-American? 

But I wasn’t “Some Guy” I was “Some White Guy” to her. I didn’t care what color they were, I saw two ladies in need of help. She saw a “White Guy”.  

I got them on their way, and her companion thanked me for my help. 

But it was strange. 

5 thoughts on ““Some white guy”

  1. Good for you, sir.

    I had a similar opportunity a couple of months ago. Two girls of just-barely 16 and a 12 Y-O boy.

    Before I started changing the tire I instructed the girl to take my picture and send it to somebody trustworthy like her mother or a grandparent.

    Honest people don't fear transparency or accountability. I told them to NEVER get in a compromising situation with anybody who refuses to have their picture taken and sent to a guardian.

    I don't know if they heard me but I tried.

  2. Good on ya! You could have turned around and walked away, but you didn't.

  3. I generally don't just drive by, Jim, unless it is a man that I judge can handle it himself…even then, I generally stop and ask if they need help.

    Almost always for women or youn kids.

    Even if they just see me as "some White Guy" and nothing else.

  4. I am from India. But, very pale. Whiter than most whites. And I get shit like this all the time.

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