Can any Congress, ever,

 pass any sort of relief bill without padding it with a great deal of “pork”..often at an amount even greater than the amount of relief for the actual reason for the bill? 

I mean, it seems that each and every time this sort of bill is legislated, the pork add ons are incredible….

and I am not singling out the Democrats for this behavior. Both sides are guilty. 

One thought on “Can any Congress, ever,

  1. No, they apparently can not. I don't understand how we as a country that is living in debt can continue to borrow so we can donate money to third world countries. I did the math. IF they passed a bill to hand out "free" money, they could give every American almost $3000 each with the amount they have committed to give. Now, I would much rather they just lift all the idiotic restrictions on businesses and allow everyone to live freely again, but I would still like to see the pork eliminated. Don't give out a dime until we as a nation are no longer in debt. Even then, we need to be particular as to what we donate our money to.

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