Fewer cars on the road has an insignificant impact on Glowbal warming?

 So CBS News has stated that fewer cars are on the road because of Covid lockdowns and people working from home…

And that has had an “insignificant” impact on Global Warming. Literally 15% fewer cars,  7% fewer “emissions” yet it has effectively no impact…..could it be that the models are wrong? All those emails from Stay at Home workers are negating the effect of all those cars driving fewer miles… (ad)

They claim that 100 emails produce the same carbon footprint as 1 mile of driving (Which is a terrible oversimplification, really) So all those people working from home are negating the fact that they aren’t driving to work…..All those emails use a terrible amount of power….. 

Or is it possible that all those cars had a negligible impact BEFORE the Covid crisis? And the computers are a wash, whether they are produced and read from home or in an office, as are the emails. The servers are operating, and sending an email through it uses a very tiny addional amount of power vs the server sitting idle, but powered…. It’s not like anyone is gonna shut down the email servers, is it? 

Can the folks at CBS do any math? Have they no logic in their thoughts? 

3 thoughts on “Fewer cars on the road has an insignificant impact on Glowbal warming?

  1. I think I'll go out and start my V-8 powered pickup truck and let it run for the rest of my shift, so it's nice and warm when I leave at 18:00.

    Just because I can.

  2. They don't need to think or use logic. The sheep believe whatever they're told, so whatever they say is good.

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