Well, that was a bit of fun

 So here I am driving…and some asshole had to wave his—Corvette—- at everyone. 

It was a nice car, but driven by an idiot. He did , obviously, have a LOT of cash, as there is no other reason a 25 year old lday who looks and dresses like that would be his wife….as old as he was….I assume a wife, ’cause she was wearing a 3 carat or better bit of carbon crystal on her hand. 

Anyway, he was tearing it up, showing off the power of the car. I couldn’t resist messing with him in the Dodge Diesel…Yes, out of town that car can run away from me, and, in the hands of a person who knows how to drive, can eat me for lunch (I am, after all, driving a 4WD diesel)…but in town I was able to not only keep up, but run away from him stoplight to stoplight…and brake well enough to negate his advantage there as well. Plus weaving in and out of traffic….He didn’t know how to drive. It was fun. Turns too, I’m no expert at driving, but he was most obviously not a well trained driver…. And while we weren’t really street racing (that would be illgal, after all) it was a bit sporty at times, not only stoplight to stoplight, but through the curvy bits as well. In the hands of an expert driver (which he was most obviously not) the Corvette can do a lot. In his hands, I was able to make him look bad with a truck…His lady was laughing at his antics…and at one stoplight smiled, winked, and stuck her toungue out at me…She knew.

Nice ride though. I wish I could afford one like that. Plus the car…

7 thoughts on “Well, that was a bit of fun

  1. Many Moons ago in Bozeman,Montana I had a similar experience with my Toyota landcruiser vs a Firebird. The LC had a 350 Chevy and glasspacks under the hood and the hubs were turned in for some reason. Same result on the 4 lane wide empty streets of Bozo we smoked the showoff.

  2. As with music, turning up the volume CANNOT make up for a lack of talent…

  3. Money isn't everything. I used to routinely blow away 5-liter Mustangs in my Shelby Charger Turbo back in the day. Those 'stangs probably cost twice what my little Dodge did.

  4. Last sentence sounds like the song "The One I Loved Back Then" by George Jones.

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