The Dems must really be afraid of him:

Schultz, is the Dude to whom I am referring.

I mean, they are even trotting out the “What does he know about the Political System?” bit. And “Very inexperienced”.

Where were they when Hillary and Barry were running? Hillary might have been marginally competent, Barry wasn’t even that. Trump may not know Politics, but he is at the least a leader….

I think they know that he will take many of their middle of the road voters…Sorta semi-conservative types.

And, ultimately, they know that they will lose if the vote is split 3 ways.

(is it harder to cheat if there are three candidates??)


Other than making life difficult for a bunch of Federal Employees, and angering a bunch of people, What, exactly, did Trump accomplish?

He drew a line in the sand, as it were, and dared the DNC to cross it.
They did. And he had nothing when they did.

And he folded. He got NOTHING. No commitments, no partial payment for the Wall, not even a promise (which the DNC types have broken before anyway) to come up with some real, actual working border security.

He damaged his brand, disappointed his supporters (again) and made the Left stronger.

(Why didn’t he do something while the RNC held the reigns?)

Was this just a power play? (one that he lost, badly).

I am disgusted. I’d have rather seen him keep the shutdown happen than this. Do an EO saying that (at least) “essential” employees get paid.

But instead he folded.

But, at least we don’t have Hillary. There is that, even if that isn’t much. 

Wax on, Wax off

The 182 was having a bit of maintenance this week, and was sorta buried at the back of the shop. Since the wind and cloud cover was such that there was’t gonna be any VFR flying, I didn’t mind.

Friday, I took advantage of the fact that it had sat in a heated shop for 3 days, and decided to wax it.

I got the wings and tail surfaces done. Man, that is a LOT of area. especially when most of it has to be done from a ladder.
At least it beads water now. Hopefully, next time I get caught in a snow squall, the wax will prevent any minor buildup. (Not that I’m gonna fly in icing conditions, mind you)

The best part was the other pilot who asked me why I was bothering….I showed him the bottle and told him that this was a special coating and it gave 7 knots extra speed because of the smoother airflow across the wings. I really shoveled it on about the “special aerospace coating” and “Extra low friction polymer” and “developed by the French airforce for the Tornado fighter” (he didn’t get that) and a whole bunch of other total BS.

He was all excited and interested.

me: “nope, just kidding”

He wasn’t amused. Everyone else in the shop was, however.
People should know better…too good to be true and all that. 


The media keeps talking about “Pop-Up” food banks and “Pop-Up” soup kitchens…for Government workers (only).

Where is the funding coming from for these “pop-Ups”?

Most food banks can’t get enough funds to meet their needs, and they plan ahead months in advance to get the food they do get.

Yet these “Pop-Ups” just appear? Maybe with a week notice?

Who is funding them? It takes tens of thousands or dollars to stock a food bank for even one day. Where are all those dollars coming from?

Or are they just Media showpieces so that they can highlight the poor government workers who aren’t being paid?

One wonders. 

They never heard of teleconferencing?

I mean, speaking of hypocrites:

David Attenborough might have urged world leaders at Davos to take urgent action on climate change, but it appears no one was listening. As he spoke, experts predicted up to 1,500 individual private jets will fly to and from airfields serving the Swiss ski resort this week.

As they say…I will start to think about believing the Climate Crisis is real when those who tell me it is start acting (and adjusting their lifestyle) as if it were.

1500 private jets. about 450 to 500 gallons of Jet-A per hour at a little less than 500 knots.(figures are for a G-IV) 
How many jet hours per average flight? Lets say 5. So each plane (say 3 passengers) burns 2200-2500 gallons of fuel. So say 750 gallons per passenger or more. Each way.

That’s more carbon than the average person causes (in the US) for 8 months or so.
For ONE trip. times, of course 4500 (3 per airplane).
Lots of carbon there. Plus aerosols from the jet engine.
That’s a lot of carbon for a few lectures and presentations that could ahve been watched via videoconferencing, doncha think?

Do what I say, not what I do.

But, I suppose, if they didn’t make the trip (on whose dime?) then they wouldn’t find ways to fleece the world governments for more money…


Seems that everyone (at least the DNC trypes and the Media) is decrying the “manipulation” of images and and video and the fact that a person or persons used a 1 minute video to purport that catholic school student Nick Sandmann was “disrepecting” a Native American at a march…

Ironic, isn’t it?

They got snookered, and could not wait to report how a kid in a red “MAGA” hat was such a terrible person (and, by inference, so was every Trump supporter) and when additional, more complete video showed the tiny blurb in context, they were embarrassed. Forget that those people and groups that they support do much worse than just stand there and smile at people with whom they disagree…(and that wasn’t even what was happening))

Yet they do it nearly every day, giving us only part of a story, or only showing 10 seconds of video rather than the complete clip, or creatively editing a video to show what they want, and not the whole story….choosing to give only facts that support their viewpoint and, again, not the whole story.

Hypocritical of them, doncha think?? It’s not like they haven’t done the same thing.  

Starting to feel sorry

For the folks who are employed by the Federal Government that are deemed “essential” and that aren’t being paid.

Now, for most of the rest of the country’s citizens, being laid off (furloughed) is a fear and a thing that must be dealt with….But when a factory worker is laid off he or she can go find other work, or can choose to try and live off of unemployment.

But if one is an “essential” worker, then one cannot do that.

And it’s been long enough that these folks that aren’t being paid are likely starting to hurt.

I think they should be paid for the work they are doing. Alternatively, don’t operate those departments and see how the people like it when they don’t have those service. Shut down the ATC and the airlines and see what happens. Or other departments that are “essential”….

If they are working, pay ’em. If not working, don’t.

This charade is unfair and, frankly, stupid.

(And yes, I know I was unsympathetic to those who, 4 days after missing a paycheck claimed to have had to go to a soup kitchen to eat…that is different…4 days? ….now it is getting serious. Missing 2 paychecks is where it begins to hurt, and where one is up against late fees for missed payment dates and other such issues. Missing one paycheck and being in financial trouble shows bad fiscal management…missing two (with little likelihood of the issue being resolved soon) is where it starts to get serious.)

One would wonder why the Democrats care so little about the Federal Workers such that they would refuse to even try, but would rather see those 800,00+ folks not get a paycheck rather than let a dime be spent for a barrier to prevent all the illegal invasion taking place? I mean, they gave away significantly more than three times that to the countries from which most of our invaders border crossers came from (didn’t help the poor folks of that country, just enriched the oligarchs) yet they won’t spend a nickel actually enforcing the border integrity to protect the economic welfare and the security of the citizens of the US.

Why is that?

All in the news

I think it is great
All those “Gubmint Workers” getting help form private businesses….Free meals, free or discounted entertainment tickets, etc….Communities helping each other and all that.

But….Where are these “Pop- Up ” food banks coming from? Where are they getting their food, and who is paying for it? Just suddenly a truckload of food appears and the press is invited and takes some pictures…..For the evening news…

Odd, that. Almost as if it were staged. Like propaganda…

Who is paying for it though?