Wax on, Wax off

The 182 was having a bit of maintenance this week, and was sorta buried at the back of the shop. Since the wind and cloud cover was such that there was’t gonna be any VFR flying, I didn’t mind.

Friday, I took advantage of the fact that it had sat in a heated shop for 3 days, and decided to wax it.

I got the wings and tail surfaces done. Man, that is a LOT of area. especially when most of it has to be done from a ladder.
At least it beads water now. Hopefully, next time I get caught in a snow squall, the wax will prevent any minor buildup. (Not that I’m gonna fly in icing conditions, mind you)

The best part was the other pilot who asked me why I was bothering….I showed him the bottle and told him that this was a special coating and it gave 7 knots extra speed because of the smoother airflow across the wings. I really shoveled it on about the “special aerospace coating” and “Extra low friction polymer” and “developed by the French airforce for the Tornado fighter” (he didn’t get that) and a whole bunch of other total BS.

He was all excited and interested.

me: “nope, just kidding”

He wasn’t amused. Everyone else in the shop was, however.
People should know better…too good to be true and all that. 

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