Other than making life difficult for a bunch of Federal Employees, and angering a bunch of people, What, exactly, did Trump accomplish?

He drew a line in the sand, as it were, and dared the DNC to cross it.
They did. And he had nothing when they did.

And he folded. He got NOTHING. No commitments, no partial payment for the Wall, not even a promise (which the DNC types have broken before anyway) to come up with some real, actual working border security.

He damaged his brand, disappointed his supporters (again) and made the Left stronger.

(Why didn’t he do something while the RNC held the reigns?)

Was this just a power play? (one that he lost, badly).

I am disgusted. I’d have rather seen him keep the shutdown happen than this. Do an EO saying that (at least) “essential” employees get paid.

But instead he folded.

But, at least we don’t have Hillary. There is that, even if that isn’t much. 

2 thoughts on “So…

  1. My hope is that Trump, the master of optics, decided to look like the adult in the room.

  2. I think that he has managed to look like someone who was willing to negotiate, he stayed in the White House instead of kiting off to MarLago, he offered the Dems several proposals, items they had been saying they wanted. They said they wouldn't talk while the government was shut down. The current members of the House have been out running around on all sorts of junkets/vacations. Ok, fine, open it back up. Now when they still wont talk, he can point to them and their pie in the sky promises, which they never make good on. He has made a bunch of promises, AND kept them! Which is revolutionary for anyone in politics.

    In the meantime, the Dems are out running their mouths, saying really stupid stuff…70% tax rate on the wealthy?!?! Really???
    How many folks have been hired by a poor person? How many by a rich person?? Illegal aliens have rights??? Not here in the USofA, maybe in their home country, which would be the same rights we would have if we were crossing their borders. Build the damn wall!! Fine, do the drone thing, and hire more border patrol folks, not a problem, but put up a damn barrier of some sort that can't be walked across.

    Trump is NOT stupid, no matter what NBC will tell you. Stupid folks don't take a million dollars and turn it into hundred of millions. Does he make mistakes, of course, everyone does, but he certainly has a better record and looks more like the adult in the room than anyone on the other side who are busy believing their own echo chamber and normalcy bias. Things have changed in this country. The Dems refuse to believe that at their own risk. The upcoming election will be very interesting to watch for sure.

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