The Dems must really be afraid of him:

Schultz, is the Dude to whom I am referring.

I mean, they are even trotting out the “What does he know about the Political System?” bit. And “Very inexperienced”.

Where were they when Hillary and Barry were running? Hillary might have been marginally competent, Barry wasn’t even that. Trump may not know Politics, but he is at the least a leader….

I think they know that he will take many of their middle of the road voters…Sorta semi-conservative types.

And, ultimately, they know that they will lose if the vote is split 3 ways.

(is it harder to cheat if there are three candidates??)

One thought on “The Dems must really be afraid of him:

  1. I still hold the faint hope that Bernie will run as an independent. He would kill the chances of the democrats winning if he ran as an independent. If Schultz wishes to run as an independent as well, even better. I sincerely hope I can sit back and watch the snowflakes go into the fetal position again come November 2020 when they lose again. Even so, as entertaining as it will hopefully be, I do wish the country would get back to some shape of normalcy. So tired of the constant tantrums.

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