Seems that everyone (at least the DNC trypes and the Media) is decrying the “manipulation” of images and and video and the fact that a person or persons used a 1 minute video to purport that catholic school student Nick Sandmann was “disrepecting” a Native American at a march…

Ironic, isn’t it?

They got snookered, and could not wait to report how a kid in a red “MAGA” hat was such a terrible person (and, by inference, so was every Trump supporter) and when additional, more complete video showed the tiny blurb in context, they were embarrassed. Forget that those people and groups that they support do much worse than just stand there and smile at people with whom they disagree…(and that wasn’t even what was happening))

Yet they do it nearly every day, giving us only part of a story, or only showing 10 seconds of video rather than the complete clip, or creatively editing a video to show what they want, and not the whole story….choosing to give only facts that support their viewpoint and, again, not the whole story.

Hypocritical of them, doncha think?? It’s not like they haven’t done the same thing.  

7 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. Fox News = CNN News.

    Only difference is one slants to the right, the other to the left. Therefore, we are left only to deduce what is the truth based upon our own intelligence and experiences. But not all of us have experienced what others have. And others have not had our experiences. Which is why communication, REAL communication with listening and trying to understand someone else's viewpoint, is so important. Especially in this day and age.


  2. What point?

    That you missed mine? Or that you refuse see the hypocricy of the media complaining abut a snippet of video not telling the same story…when they (all) use the same tactic….not giving the whole truth or the context.

    This isn't about right/left…it is about media and the tactics they use.

  3. Exactly. "…when they (all) use the same tactic…." Which is what I pointed out. Only Fox slants right, CNN slants left.

    And I went on about communication, actually listening (but here it was reading) what someone says (or types). But you instead tried to spin that I was somehow being hypocritical based upon what I typed rather than understanding what was typed.

    Even when we agree, we argue minutiae.

    Your friend,

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