The media keeps talking about “Pop-Up” food banks and “Pop-Up” soup kitchens…for Government workers (only).

Where is the funding coming from for these “pop-Ups”?

Most food banks can’t get enough funds to meet their needs, and they plan ahead months in advance to get the food they do get.

Yet these “Pop-Ups” just appear? Maybe with a week notice?

Who is funding them? It takes tens of thousands or dollars to stock a food bank for even one day. Where are all those dollars coming from?

Or are they just Media showpieces so that they can highlight the poor government workers who aren’t being paid?

One wonders. 

2 thoughts on ““Pop-Up”

  1. Another thing to wonder.

    When did we go from "Mexico will pay for the wall" to "We won't pay government workers until Americans pay for the wall"?


  2. If we would tax "Remittances" at 2% we could pay for the wall with mexican money.

    But I ahve asked that same question myself.

    Doesn't change the NEED for some effective border security though. And a Barrier of some sort will work better than what the DNC types want.

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