Starting to feel sorry

For the folks who are employed by the Federal Government that are deemed “essential” and that aren’t being paid.

Now, for most of the rest of the country’s citizens, being laid off (furloughed) is a fear and a thing that must be dealt with….But when a factory worker is laid off he or she can go find other work, or can choose to try and live off of unemployment.

But if one is an “essential” worker, then one cannot do that.

And it’s been long enough that these folks that aren’t being paid are likely starting to hurt.

I think they should be paid for the work they are doing. Alternatively, don’t operate those departments and see how the people like it when they don’t have those service. Shut down the ATC and the airlines and see what happens. Or other departments that are “essential”….

If they are working, pay ’em. If not working, don’t.

This charade is unfair and, frankly, stupid.

(And yes, I know I was unsympathetic to those who, 4 days after missing a paycheck claimed to have had to go to a soup kitchen to eat…that is different…4 days? ….now it is getting serious. Missing 2 paychecks is where it begins to hurt, and where one is up against late fees for missed payment dates and other such issues. Missing one paycheck and being in financial trouble shows bad fiscal management…missing two (with little likelihood of the issue being resolved soon) is where it starts to get serious.)

One would wonder why the Democrats care so little about the Federal Workers such that they would refuse to even try, but would rather see those 800,00+ folks not get a paycheck rather than let a dime be spent for a barrier to prevent all the illegal invasion taking place? I mean, they gave away significantly more than three times that to the countries from which most of our invaders border crossers came from (didn’t help the poor folks of that country, just enriched the oligarchs) yet they won’t spend a nickel actually enforcing the border integrity to protect the economic welfare and the security of the citizens of the US.

Why is that?

4 thoughts on “Starting to feel sorry

  1. Missing 2 paychecks is only a drag if you have no savings/emergency fund. If not, why not? This is hardly the first government shut-down this year, (well, in 2018). The others were just shorter is all as Trump was promised stuff if he gave in. Those promises were not kept.

    The entire hue and cry about paychecks…I keep thinking about folks like plumbers, HVAC, electricians, doctors, small businesses who do the work, and send a bill and wait for it to be paid. Folks who own their own businesses. They hope that the money comes right away, but many times it doesn't.

    If, when you were hired to work for .gov, and you are told you are considered non-essential, then ya should have started squirrelling away a few dead president portraits every paycheck. Bet that is lesson more folks will take to heart when the checks start flowing again.
    However, lousy planning on your part does not constitute a crises on my part. No one bailed us out when my ex was laid off 6 times from different jobs the first 2 years we were married. We were very glad that I at least had a check coming in, a full freezer, and a solid savings account. By the time the unemployment check came in, he had gotten another job. And I would bet most of those folks have a wife or husband who are still working and getting a check.

  2. Yeah, I get what yer saying there….and I agree.

    But a month into things, most folks, no matter where they work, start to hurt.

    And I agree, where were the folks crying in the media when all those manufacturing jobs went by-Bye under Bush and Clinton and Barry the O? All those folks were "furloughed" permanently?

  3. In Michigan the unemployed person is required to be searching for employment to be eligible to receive unemployment checks.

    Administrators often wink-and-nod this requirement away. But on paper the person who has been laid-off is supposed to be seeking employment rather than passively sitting on their dupa and collecting a check.

  4. Do what the rest of the population has to do. Get another job. no sympathy, nuthin' go on to something that pays

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