I just ordered my Stratus transponder for the plane. Schedules are already out to mid February for installation.

There are thousands of planes that have not had the installation done. I expect the techs are gonna do a lot of overtime later this year, and that some plane owners are simply gonna have to either not fly, or do VFR-only in uncontrolled airspace at the end of this year.

$2700 deposit for the unit. about half that for installation. I paid for the unit upon scheduling.


Why are the DNC and RNC so terribly against a Border Wall?

What have they against decent border security?  Against keeping invaders out of our country?
Slowing the flow of drugs across the southern border?

I mean, the Republicans had the chance in the first two years (along with healthcare, but that is a topic for another post) and they chose not to even try….And the Democrat party leadership is admantly against any wall or any “border Security” measure that will actually work.

It’s not the money. We waste more than that on other countries yearly in “economic aid” and “foreign aid” and all sorts of other “aid” and “grants” and such. We can easily fund the wall.

Is it because the Wall will stop people (or greatly reduce the flow) without providing enough opportunities for graft?

At least this time the press is admitting that most parts of the “government” are already funded and that it is only about 24% that will shut down because there is no current funding.

I have no use for Bump Stocks

And I think they are on a level of tannerite exploding targets. Fun for big adult children who have more money than brains, but really a useless accessory. Not that I object to people wasting their money on them, if they want a fast way to turn money into smoke and noise without hitting their target…..

Having said that, I think this ban is stupid.  It will not materially affect any killing statistics, it won’t change the crime statistics, it is panering to a bunch of folks that will simply see it as a small victory in their War on Scary Firearms, and it will alienate a lot of folks that might have supported Trump in other more important things.

And then there is the point that MZW makes in his blog post.  (go on, read it….I’ll wait).

Kinda scary, innit there, Bubba? 

That, right there, would pay for the Wall

US pledges $10 BILLION for economic development in Central and Southern Mexico

Fuck that.

Instead of spending OUR (US Citizens) money on other countries, lets spend it on our borders to keep people from entering…..And then taking even more money from our economy in Welfare and Health Care and other handouts. And competing with OUR workers for jobs as well. 

Where does the Constitution give Congress and our Government the power to take OUR tax money and give it to other people in other countries?
It’s bad enough that they take from the productive people and give to non productive citizens…but this really sucks. Since they can’t find the money for the Wall, then they don’t have enough money for this.

Or are the Kickbacks large enough for them to piss folks like me off? 

Damnit, Donald

Don’t back down. Keep the demand for the Border Wall Funding.

We elected you to fix this. It should have been done by now. Don’t back down. Stand firm. The folks who will hate you for it already hate you. The folks that elected you on your promise to do a wall are waiting. Backing down will only make US hate you.

We.Want.the.Wall.You.Promised.  Deliver it. Stand firm. Demand border wall funding or veto any budget.

I could get behind this:

And I’d like to see it enforced better than the current ADA laws for parking for handicapped folks parking spaces are, at least in my area.


I have no idea who originated this, so I can’t give credit. 

Easy to make not happen:

I am told that the dude who crashed the Cherokee had no gas in the fuel system.

This Rumor, and not confirmed.

But it seems to be a common issue: Running Out of Gas While Flying ….

If true, then a stupid mistake with very fatal consequences. And easily preventable. Checklists are there for a reason, even for preflight. And fuel consumption is easily calculated.  I was taught to do calculations on a worst-case scenario, then add 10%, (plus reserve).

Just like Dick’s

Social Justice Warriorism will lead to Bankruptcy.

Seems that the Scouts (formerly “Boy Scouts of America”, now “Scouts BSA”, soon to be “Insert name here) are filing for Bankruptcy.

Are you surprised? I’m not.

Ever more inclusive, they became something that stood for, and was…..nothing.

The final death Knell was the inclusion of Girls in the Boy Scouts.

And all this SJW bullshit has damaged, if not killed, a 100+year old organization. Declining membership, uninterested members, and a failure to be what boys wanted and needed.

Sad. Very sad. The leaders that have made these changes should be ashamed of what they have turned their organization into, and of the damage they have done.