Why are the DNC and RNC so terribly against a Border Wall?

What have they against decent border security?  Against keeping invaders out of our country?
Slowing the flow of drugs across the southern border?

I mean, the Republicans had the chance in the first two years (along with healthcare, but that is a topic for another post) and they chose not to even try….And the Democrat party leadership is admantly against any wall or any “border Security” measure that will actually work.

It’s not the money. We waste more than that on other countries yearly in “economic aid” and “foreign aid” and all sorts of other “aid” and “grants” and such. We can easily fund the wall.

Is it because the Wall will stop people (or greatly reduce the flow) without providing enough opportunities for graft?

At least this time the press is admitting that most parts of the “government” are already funded and that it is only about 24% that will shut down because there is no current funding.