Easy to make not happen:

I am told that the dude who crashed the Cherokee had no gas in the fuel system.

This Rumor, and not confirmed.

But it seems to be a common issue: Running Out of Gas While Flying ….

If true, then a stupid mistake with very fatal consequences. And easily preventable. Checklists are there for a reason, even for preflight. And fuel consumption is easily calculated.  I was taught to do calculations on a worst-case scenario, then add 10%, (plus reserve).

One thought on “Easy to make not happen:

  1. About ten years ago, I was a right seat passenger in a float plane. We started to pick up speed when the engines sputtered. The pilot shut the engines down, opened the fuel valves and re-started. He then gave me a eyes up look and shook his head.
    Just in a hurry.
    Flew with him quite a few more times over the years, the fuel valves were always visually checked by both of us before start-up.

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