Just like Dick’s

Social Justice Warriorism will lead to Bankruptcy.

Seems that the Scouts (formerly “Boy Scouts of America”, now “Scouts BSA”, soon to be “Insert name here) are filing for Bankruptcy.

Are you surprised? I’m not.

Ever more inclusive, they became something that stood for, and was…..nothing.

The final death Knell was the inclusion of Girls in the Boy Scouts.

And all this SJW bullshit has damaged, if not killed, a 100+year old organization. Declining membership, uninterested members, and a failure to be what boys wanted and needed.

Sad. Very sad. The leaders that have made these changes should be ashamed of what they have turned their organization into, and of the damage they have done.  

One thought on “Just like Dick’s

  1. I know logic has no place in social justice circles but, I've yet to understand the push for girls in the Boy Scouts when there is another organization call the Girl Scouts. Just don't understand the world I live in anymore.

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