Damnit, Donald

Don’t back down. Keep the demand for the Border Wall Funding.

We elected you to fix this. It should have been done by now. Don’t back down. Stand firm. The folks who will hate you for it already hate you. The folks that elected you on your promise to do a wall are waiting. Backing down will only make US hate you.

We.Want.the.Wall.You.Promised.  Deliver it. Stand firm. Demand border wall funding or veto any budget.

6 thoughts on “Damnit, Donald

  1. Does he not know the power he has as President? Is he becoming a politician?

  2. Time is coming, we'll have to take this country back… the hard way…

  3. Me thinks the old adage "Be careful what you wish for," may apply here.


  4. Dale: Please explain. How can additional border security be a bad thing? Even at the cost of shutting down the 20% or so of our government that is not already fully funded and won't be affected if there is no spending bill?

  5. Over 35 federal agencies and departments were hindered during the last shutdown in 2013. This included Defense, Intelligence, Transportation, Justice, Homeland Security among others. Personnel considered non-essential for safety services were idled. Payroll, training, permits, etc., were delayed, some as much as 30 days. All told, it was much more than the 20% you claim would be affected.

    And while morale of the workforce may not be of much concern to those outside of government, it does matter to those in those agencies. That lowered morale may impact how they interact with the general public. In the FAA, controllers were still required to report for their shifts, but the support specialists, secretaries, and upper management were told to stay home. Weather services were curtailed to the minimum, maintenance was non-existent, and we had to just "make-do" with what we had.

    I can only speak of the FAA, which I was familiar with, but I'd assume other agencies were similarly affected; each with their own particular set of hardships and work-arounds.

    I am not convinced that this wall will significantly increase border security beyond the level which it is at currently. I don't think this wall will become the panacea which many of the Trump supporters dream. But that is why we are all different with varying opinions.


  6. Your point about morale is a good one, I think.

    However, since the border issue remains, even a partially effective wall will reduce the flow.
    And something must be done. 50 years of doing nothing hasn't helped.

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