That, right there, would pay for the Wall

US pledges $10 BILLION for economic development in Central and Southern Mexico

Fuck that.

Instead of spending OUR (US Citizens) money on other countries, lets spend it on our borders to keep people from entering…..And then taking even more money from our economy in Welfare and Health Care and other handouts. And competing with OUR workers for jobs as well. 

Where does the Constitution give Congress and our Government the power to take OUR tax money and give it to other people in other countries?
It’s bad enough that they take from the productive people and give to non productive citizens…but this really sucks. Since they can’t find the money for the Wall, then they don’t have enough money for this.

Or are the Kickbacks large enough for them to piss folks like me off? 

3 thoughts on “That, right there, would pay for the Wall

  1. I'm getting the feeling we're going to have to take care of this ourselves…

  2. Perhaps the aid will raise the standard of living in those countries enough so that the people would want to remain in their own home countries, thereby eliminating future ‘scare-avans’ from coming here. Then we wouldn’t the the Great Wall of Trump. Double the benefit from a single investment.


  3. And all that aid will be eaten up in graft and kickbacks.

    How much aid do we give to those countries already?

    The problem is as much cultural as economic.

    A wall keeps 'em out. Lets go with that first. It's a good long term investment.

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