I have no use for Bump Stocks

And I think they are on a level of tannerite exploding targets. Fun for big adult children who have more money than brains, but really a useless accessory. Not that I object to people wasting their money on them, if they want a fast way to turn money into smoke and noise without hitting their target…..

Having said that, I think this ban is stupid.  It will not materially affect any killing statistics, it won’t change the crime statistics, it is panering to a bunch of folks that will simply see it as a small victory in their War on Scary Firearms, and it will alienate a lot of folks that might have supported Trump in other more important things.

And then there is the point that MZW makes in his blog post.  (go on, read it….I’ll wait).

Kinda scary, innit there, Bubba? 

One thought on “I have no use for Bump Stocks

  1. Well said, Michael is on the money. It's the nose under the tent (again)…

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