So today

When you are cracking that beer, toasting those hot dogs or burgers or ribeyes, ribs, chicken, steaks, or whatever on the grill.
Having fun, laughing with friends or family……
Sitting on the deck, or in the yard, or whatever you do to “celebrate” this Memorial Day weekend….

Take 5 minutes…just 5..
Thank those folks for whom this Memorial Day is meant.

Those who gave their all. From any war in the past 240+ past years…to the men killed yesterday in Afghanistan….
Say a silent prayer….or just say “Thank You”…they’ll hear it.

And take another minute and remind the rest of the folks around you WHY they got a 3 day weekend.
And ask them to remember as well.


So for YEARS, everyone knew…it was an “Open secret” that Harvey Weinstein took full advantage of the “Casting Couch” …he had the power, and he used it.

But the thing is, he paid up. All those women who sold themselves….who chose to acquiesce in order to advance their careers in the movie business….those women made a choice. Most were, at best mediocre actresses of uncertain beauty……of less talent than many others. But they got what they wanted….

Is there any shame. any derision, and disgust for those women who, by choice, made their careers happen using their” charm”, their looks, their bodies?  For those women who played the game with Harvey, who prostituted themselves in their quest for fame….when their talents could not get them the parts they desired?

Society, and people in power are going after Harvey Weinstein….but he only sold what those women were buying. What they were willing to pay for….

And those women should be held up and scorned…derided as much or more than Harvey.

And those who “Claim” he did something against their will…and who kept quiet for years, just, if their story is true, enabled him to do it to other women. Which makes them cowards for not telling their story.

So where is the scorn for all those women who, in one way or another, (and there is no nice way to put it) whored themselves out for fame and fortune??

Someone, somewhere, greatly powerful, has decided to destroy Harvey Weinstein. 

So when

are we gonna get some form of communication from the Mueller led “investigation”???

So far, I haven’t seen squat from them or anyone else as far as them finding anything. They’ve claimed that they have found things about some of the folks that were around the Trump Campaign, but so far, nothing on any of the principals. And I have not ever seen any document that shows what the scope of their investigation is, or what limits they have…..Even Kenneth Starr had limits and a destination in mind when he began his journey into the dark secrets of the Clintons….

Is there a deadline wherein they must produce something or give up their “investigation”? Are there any responsible people doing any reviewing of the work they claim to be doing? Is there a point where someone says “Ok, you’ve spent enough money and have “X” man hour invested and you haven’t got squat” and forces them to disband their witch hunt?

Or is this open ended investigation going to keep digging forever? Is it an actual, you know, investigation, or just a jobs program for mediocre lawyers? 

At what point does this witch hunt end? 

But women don’t lie about stuff like that…..

Yeah, sure. How often have we heard that from other women?
Except that this sort of thing keeps happening. Women can no longer make the accusation and then just cry to be believed….

Bodycam proves Texas Highway cop DID NOT sexually assault woman he arrested for DUI. It appears that he was very professional

So is she gonna get time for the false accusation? Seems to me that she should get the maximum penalty that HE was up against. If he was up for 5 years, then she should get 5 years. Plus character assasinnation damages.

The thing is, these false allegations undermine the credibility of those women who ARE victims of men who rape or otherwise molest them.  Who do we believe?

“Stand or stay off the field”

The NFL finally grew a set of balls….sorta. 

If players are on the field when the National Anthem is played, they will stand.

Or, they can hide in the locker room.

Or fines will be levied on their employers.

This is a decent start. I have grown tired of the bullshit. Tired of the disrespect towards our country.
These players are, at the end, employees. And it is time that the NFL (and the teams) made them behave.

I’m all for folks exercising their First Amendment rights….just not when they are working.

And the perceived “Brutality” towards black people is just that….perceived. Behave, don’t run, don’t act like an animal, and yer not likely to get shot. Whites get shot at the same rate when interacting with the police…..It’s just that, due to behavior, the black inner city kids get interacted with more….and they decide how it goes from the first point of contact. Run, fight, struggle, and yer gonna get treated accordingly.

Don’t wanna get pulled over? Don’t act like a “Yo”. Don’t cruise around in town with the ganga smoke detectable 3 blocks away. Don’t play your music loud enough to be hears 3 blocks over.  In short, behave.

Running and strugggling will generally get you non-gentle treatment. Act like a criminal, you’ll get treated like one.

There are a LOT of things that the players could legitimately protest, and lots of respectful ways in which they could do so.

Their stated reason…the one started by Colin Kaepernick is bullshit and is disrespectful. I’d like to see more….like 10 game suspensions, but this is a start. 

A Sure-Fire way to win greater approval:

What Donald Trump really needs to do in order to raise his approval rating and to help all the other Conservatives that are running for re-election is to demand that the FCC/FTC and whatever other department has jurisdiction start enforcing the Do Not Call list, and also find and drive a stake through the heart of “Susie from Credit Card Services” and her ilk.

Get a conviction for her and her enablers and publicize it, and even hard core Liberals will think better of him. Hang ’em on the Washington Mall (after disemboweling preceded by scalping preceded by a firing squad) and televise it, and he’ll retain the majorities in the Legislative branch.

Make the calls stop, and he’ll get re-elected.

(Why is it that the FCC/FTC are not stopping these calls and preventing firms from ignoring the DoNotCall list? There are HUGE fines possible, and I get at least 5 a week from assorted folks wanting to offer me something…sometimes 5 a DAY)

I wonder

How long it takes for Starbucks to go under?

I mean, now that anyone can sit in their booths and use their bathrooms…..and never be asked to pay or anything…buy a coffee or a cookie or a drink….

‘Cause I am willing to be that most of their customers, despite leaning to the Left and having “egalitarian” beliefs, won’t want to share a table with some dude who is homeless and hasn’t showered in a month…..and who trims his toenails where it is air conditioned and sleeps where it is warm in the winter…..Or find some chick shooting up in the bathrooms…..

I predict a large fall off in sales at Starbucks in Urban locations. Rapidly, once people realize that they can just stay there all day….