So when

are we gonna get some form of communication from the Mueller led “investigation”???

So far, I haven’t seen squat from them or anyone else as far as them finding anything. They’ve claimed that they have found things about some of the folks that were around the Trump Campaign, but so far, nothing on any of the principals. And I have not ever seen any document that shows what the scope of their investigation is, or what limits they have…..Even Kenneth Starr had limits and a destination in mind when he began his journey into the dark secrets of the Clintons….

Is there a deadline wherein they must produce something or give up their “investigation”? Are there any responsible people doing any reviewing of the work they claim to be doing? Is there a point where someone says “Ok, you’ve spent enough money and have “X” man hour invested and you haven’t got squat” and forces them to disband their witch hunt?

Or is this open ended investigation going to keep digging forever? Is it an actual, you know, investigation, or just a jobs program for mediocre lawyers? 

At what point does this witch hunt end? 

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  1. I would venture to guess we (the general public) will find out what was uncovered (if anything) when the evidence either leads to an indictment or a dismissal.


  2. Also,

    From the above" link: "In the 1990s, former federal prosecutor Ken Starr took six years and spent more than $70 million looking into former President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton’s real estate holdings in Whitewater and other dealings."

    The latest cost that I could find online is at:

    "If you prorate that amount out to a full year—the approximate length of the investigation at the time Trump sent his tweet — it would come to about $8.5 million spent so far. That’s well below the $20 million Trump cited."

    Doing the math, it would seem that to equal the Starr investigation the Mueller probe would last about 4.5 more years monetarily (adding 1/2 mil each for inflation).

    Hey, you asked. I'm just trying to help you get an answer.


  3. My guess; if the donkey party takes back the House/Senate. If they don't do that, look for it to go through to the 2020 election…

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