But women don’t lie about stuff like that…..

Yeah, sure. How often have we heard that from other women?
Except that this sort of thing keeps happening. Women can no longer make the accusation and then just cry to be believed….

Bodycam proves Texas Highway cop DID NOT sexually assault woman he arrested for DUI. It appears that he was very professional

So is she gonna get time for the false accusation? Seems to me that she should get the maximum penalty that HE was up against. If he was up for 5 years, then she should get 5 years. Plus character assasinnation damages.

The thing is, these false allegations undermine the credibility of those women who ARE victims of men who rape or otherwise molest them.  Who do we believe?

One thought on “But women don’t lie about stuff like that…..

  1. No wonder the chattering masses and ACLU don't like body cameras… Their agenda/accusations fall apart in the reality of video

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