“Stand or stay off the field”

The NFL finally grew a set of balls….sorta. 

If players are on the field when the National Anthem is played, they will stand.

Or, they can hide in the locker room.

Or fines will be levied on their employers.

This is a decent start. I have grown tired of the bullshit. Tired of the disrespect towards our country.
These players are, at the end, employees. And it is time that the NFL (and the teams) made them behave.

I’m all for folks exercising their First Amendment rights….just not when they are working.

And the perceived “Brutality” towards black people is just that….perceived. Behave, don’t run, don’t act like an animal, and yer not likely to get shot. Whites get shot at the same rate when interacting with the police…..It’s just that, due to behavior, the black inner city kids get interacted with more….and they decide how it goes from the first point of contact. Run, fight, struggle, and yer gonna get treated accordingly.

Don’t wanna get pulled over? Don’t act like a “Yo”. Don’t cruise around in town with the ganga smoke detectable 3 blocks away. Don’t play your music loud enough to be hears 3 blocks over.  In short, behave.

Running and strugggling will generally get you non-gentle treatment. Act like a criminal, you’ll get treated like one.

There are a LOT of things that the players could legitimately protest, and lots of respectful ways in which they could do so.

Their stated reason…the one started by Colin Kaepernick is bullshit and is disrespectful. I’d like to see more….like 10 game suspensions, but this is a start. 

One thought on ““Stand or stay off the field”

  1. Pro football is over for me. I know they are only trying to deal with the negative publicity, there's no change of heart.

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