A Sure-Fire way to win greater approval:

What Donald Trump really needs to do in order to raise his approval rating and to help all the other Conservatives that are running for re-election is to demand that the FCC/FTC and whatever other department has jurisdiction start enforcing the Do Not Call list, and also find and drive a stake through the heart of “Susie from Credit Card Services” and her ilk.

Get a conviction for her and her enablers and publicize it, and even hard core Liberals will think better of him. Hang ’em on the Washington Mall (after disemboweling preceded by scalping preceded by a firing squad) and televise it, and he’ll retain the majorities in the Legislative branch.

Make the calls stop, and he’ll get re-elected.

(Why is it that the FCC/FTC are not stopping these calls and preventing firms from ignoring the DoNotCall list? There are HUGE fines possible, and I get at least 5 a week from assorted folks wanting to offer me something…sometimes 5 a DAY)