So for YEARS, everyone knew…it was an “Open secret” that Harvey Weinstein took full advantage of the “Casting Couch” …he had the power, and he used it.

But the thing is, he paid up. All those women who sold themselves….who chose to acquiesce in order to advance their careers in the movie business….those women made a choice. Most were, at best mediocre actresses of uncertain beauty……of less talent than many others. But they got what they wanted….

Is there any shame. any derision, and disgust for those women who, by choice, made their careers happen using their” charm”, their looks, their bodies?  For those women who played the game with Harvey, who prostituted themselves in their quest for fame….when their talents could not get them the parts they desired?

Society, and people in power are going after Harvey Weinstein….but he only sold what those women were buying. What they were willing to pay for….

And those women should be held up and scorned…derided as much or more than Harvey.

And those who “Claim” he did something against their will…and who kept quiet for years, just, if their story is true, enabled him to do it to other women. Which makes them cowards for not telling their story.

So where is the scorn for all those women who, in one way or another, (and there is no nice way to put it) whored themselves out for fame and fortune??

Someone, somewhere, greatly powerful, has decided to destroy Harvey Weinstein. 

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  1. What about our favorite hooker, Stormy Daniels>? Isn't she fgetting exactly what she wanted by yelling abuse long after the fact (if Fact)

  2. That is exactly what I've been saying for quite a while………

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