I find it interesting

(And somewhat disingenuous) that the media and the anti gun crowd is seeking to use the Zimmerman trial to dismantle the “Stand Your Ground” laws that 22 states have enacted. The Sunday Morning propaganda news and discussion shows are all featuring it. As re the Papers. (not that there is a plan here).

SYG had no, zero, none, nada bearing on the trial of Zimmerman.

There was no need to use it as a defense.

SYG says that you have no duty to retreat. Period.
It is hard, if not impossible, to retreat when you are being straddled and pinned down while being beaten.

But….”never let a crisis go to waste”. So they are conflating Self Defense with Stand Your Ground.

And, sadly, many people are too poorly informed to be bothered to understand the difference.

And the media is, of course, complicit in the confusion.

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Ya gotta love it when someone posts something foolish (or mistaken) on their blog, then, when called on it, edits their blog and then says that their point is still valid.

All because they can’t be bothered to learn the facts.

Just Sayin’

44 years ago:

The US landed 2 men on the moon. An achievement that culminated a program that employed many men, spend a great deal of money and took many years. It was, and still is, a wonderful achievement.

Today, we have, essentially, no space program. No drive, no funding.

We choose instead to spend our money on welfare and other “social programs”.

These programs don’t advance human knowledge and intelligence, they undermine it.

They don’t push the pinnacle of human achievement, they create lazy fat stupid people.

Because the country chooses to spend its money somewhere else, and its effort somewhere else, we shall fall behind in the space race to the Russians, the Indians and especially the Chinese.

But we will have bred and nurtured several generations of lazy, unproductive, stupid fat people.

Maybe someone will find a use for them. Perhaps as spaceship fuel.

Crown point cops mistake Huskies for Coyotes..

 .And shoot them.

And the reportage is terrible:

Two dogs that behaved aggressively toward officers were fatally shot by police Wednesday, officials said.

Here, however, is the police report. Note the statement that the “coyotes” were not aggressive towards the humans.


It took 4 cops to kill 2 Huskies….8 shots at close range.

Bet I could take the 4 cops in less than that, either with a rifle or a pistol.

Just sayin’.

I think the officers need a bit of training, at best. I really think that they need to be fired. With that poor judgement, do we really need them on the street?

But they are the Only Ones who need to be armed. 

’tis better to be silent, and thought a fool

Than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Apparently no one told Barry….

Barry, you are an ass.

People look at young african american men as predators because, in the majority, they act like they are predators. Statistics bear this out.

Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

Don’t wanna be treated as a “yo” a “gangsta” a “yoot”….a “nigga”?

Don’t dress like and act like one.

Don’t want to be followed by the “neighborhood watch guy”?

Don’t wander around in the pouring rain looking in porches and windows.

Don’t wanna get treated like a lowlife?
Stop acting like one.

Otherwise, deal with the impression that you create.

And stop making excuses for the consequences of the decisions you make and the lifestyle you lead.


I’m busier than a three legged cat trying to bury his business on a linoleum floor here…

But I did have this thought..

Detroit is proving to the world Margaret Thatcher’s words:

Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”.

The Liberal blue state Democrats have been running Detroit for the past 30 years.

For the pat 5 they have been running a deficit of more than $120 million per year.

The deficits, over the past 20+ years have come to roost.

The credit has run out, as the debt is unsustainable. The interest is too much.

Proving thatt the “Iron Lady” was right.

It occurs to me

That one of the things that black people most fear (or at least it seems so)…Is the idea of a lynchin.

To be at the mercy of a mob, a mob disregarding the rule of law, running on emotion and hate and anger.

Yet this is exactly what many blacks want for George Zimmerman.

I find that sad.

THey cry for equal justice.

But they don’t want equal justice.

They want revenge for something that they know no more about than I do….Revenge for the killing of a young black man……judged by his peers to be in self defense.

By a “white” man.

And that is all they can see. All that they can see through the lens of hatred, and racism, and class envy….all that they can see through the curtain of hate stirred up by their so-called black leaders.

Were the colors reversed, and a black man had been exonerated for killing a black boy who wasn’t a very nice kid, who had beaten the black man….were the whites crying for revenge and for the death of that black man…..that would be wrong. If the whites wanted tomlynch the man, that’d be wrong too.

And it is wrong now.

They claim to want equal justice under the law….but they want special treatment for black people. Different laws…more lenient ones….

And, of course, revenge when the media and the sharptons and jacksons cry for it.

ANything else I might say would be considered racist, so I’ll stop here.


So I was surprised that there weren’t riots after the Zimmerman verdict….pleasantly surprised, actually.

I had thought that I hadn’t given our african american brothers enough credit.

But the small riots protests seem to be escalating.

Perhaps they will die out, perhaps they will escalate.

We shall see.

Still, if you work in or pass through or live in an area where such a possibility exists for riots, be careful.

Weekly NSA tease:

Have you ever noticed that when the sun is high and the humidity is rising that it feels very……..uncomfortable?

Almost as if you had a thermonuclear furnace bearing down on your back. Fires of damnation and all that.

You sweat as if you had a fever. Almost as if you had Anthrax.

And then, if you stay out in the sun too long, it is almost as if you had been poisoned…perhaps by Jihadi types….maybe with Ricin. I mean, it is like someone is waging a holy war, the heat is so intense.

Yeah, that is the way that I felt Sunday when I was splitting wood for 5 hours. The damned stuff wouldn’t split…I mean, it would crack, but not fully split. I had to literally tear it apart at the end, all those fibers keeping the pieces together. I was wondering if I would need some TNT….Or maybe some Octol….Or perhaps some C4.  In the end I used an axe like a sword and chopped the final bits apart.

Eventually after many wedges, I was able to fission the 30 inch rounds so that I could begin to work on them with an axe. More work, each piece struggling like a warrior to stay together. I eventually won the holy war against the wood .

Leaving me with many pieces of wood which had to be stacked carefully, to prevent a collapse, much like the Twin Towers.

I would have used the hydraulic splitter, but it had a leak and I didn’t want to poison any water supplies…I mean, the runoff will eventually find it’s way into a reservoir, and I don’t want that to happen, so I had to do things the manual way. I mean, someone would have to drink that water and I wouldn’t want them to get sick or anything…The splitter is offline until I fix the hydraulic leak.

Of course the wood will be burned this winter to help keep me warm as I consider those folks in the mideast who Praise Allah and read the Koran and cry Allah Akbahr! and all that.

I do have a goodly stack of wood drying now, so I will be able to keep my house warm this winter.