’tis better to be silent, and thought a fool

Than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Apparently no one told Barry….

Barry, you are an ass.

People look at young african american men as predators because, in the majority, they act like they are predators. Statistics bear this out.

Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

Don’t wanna be treated as a “yo” a “gangsta” a “yoot”….a “nigga”?

Don’t dress like and act like one.

Don’t want to be followed by the “neighborhood watch guy”?

Don’t wander around in the pouring rain looking in porches and windows.

Don’t wanna get treated like a lowlife?
Stop acting like one.

Otherwise, deal with the impression that you create.

And stop making excuses for the consequences of the decisions you make and the lifestyle you lead.

One thought on “’tis better to be silent, and thought a fool

  1. There are many voices in the blcak community that claim the entire system is based on race, and that everyone is out to get them because they are black.
    The FACT is that 52% of all murders are perpetrated by blacks, even though they account for only 12% of the population. There are many in the black community that ignore this fact, stating that black men are only arrested for these crimes because racists arrest the black guy whether he is guilty or not.


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