I find it interesting

(And somewhat disingenuous) that the media and the anti gun crowd is seeking to use the Zimmerman trial to dismantle the “Stand Your Ground” laws that 22 states have enacted. The Sunday Morning propaganda news and discussion shows are all featuring it. As re the Papers. (not that there is a plan here).

SYG had no, zero, none, nada bearing on the trial of Zimmerman.

There was no need to use it as a defense.

SYG says that you have no duty to retreat. Period.
It is hard, if not impossible, to retreat when you are being straddled and pinned down while being beaten.

But….”never let a crisis go to waste”. So they are conflating Self Defense with Stand Your Ground.

And, sadly, many people are too poorly informed to be bothered to understand the difference.

And the media is, of course, complicit in the confusion.