Holder on SYG

So Eric Holder thinks that we should cower in fear and run at any threat.

Never defend yourself or your property.

He would perhaps best be served by going to another place, like, perhaps, England, where the people are sheep and evil rules the night and much of the day. Where criminals heve no fear and where decent people are not allowed to defend themselves.

I don’t want to live in a place like that….A place where I have to run from bullies and threats. Where retreat is the order of the day.

When the police retreat, the perhaps I will consider it.

When Holders bodyguards stop carrying firearms, and he runs away from every threat (when possible) then I’ll consider following Holders advice.

2 thoughts on “Holder on SYG

  1. Using Holder's logic, isn't it true that when he felt threatened, Treyvon Martin should have "retreated" to a safe place instead of confronting Zimmerman? By "standing his ground" Martin was responsible for the outcome.

    More importantly, Stand Your Ground Laws were not invoked by the Zimmerman defense. This is smoke and mirrors to take away more of our liberties. If you have no need to protect yourself, you have no need for a gun or knife.

    It never ends with these people.

  2. Concur with Joe, smoke mirrors and another attempt to take our ability to defend ourselves!

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