It occurs to me

That one of the things that black people most fear (or at least it seems so)…Is the idea of a lynchin.

To be at the mercy of a mob, a mob disregarding the rule of law, running on emotion and hate and anger.

Yet this is exactly what many blacks want for George Zimmerman.

I find that sad.

THey cry for equal justice.

But they don’t want equal justice.

They want revenge for something that they know no more about than I do….Revenge for the killing of a young black man……judged by his peers to be in self defense.

By a “white” man.

And that is all they can see. All that they can see through the lens of hatred, and racism, and class envy….all that they can see through the curtain of hate stirred up by their so-called black leaders.

Were the colors reversed, and a black man had been exonerated for killing a black boy who wasn’t a very nice kid, who had beaten the black man….were the whites crying for revenge and for the death of that black man…..that would be wrong. If the whites wanted tomlynch the man, that’d be wrong too.

And it is wrong now.

They claim to want equal justice under the law….but they want special treatment for black people. Different laws…more lenient ones….

And, of course, revenge when the media and the sharptons and jacksons cry for it.

ANything else I might say would be considered racist, so I’ll stop here.

3 thoughts on “It occurs to me

  1. I think you passed the "considered racist" mark by the Left's reckoning before you stopped.

    Zimmerman was a means to the Lefts Holy Grail. They want to get rid of self defense. Once they do they know they have the total advantage. At this point the leaders of the justice for Trayvon movement are the leaders of the country. The only thing keeping them in check at all is that self defense is still legal.

  2. What PioneerPreppy said. This is just another excuse to try to grab guns and make people more dependent on government.

    Obama, Jackson, Holder, Reid, et al, couldn't care less about Trayvon other than the ability of his death to advance their agenda.

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