44 years ago:

The US landed 2 men on the moon. An achievement that culminated a program that employed many men, spend a great deal of money and took many years. It was, and still is, a wonderful achievement.

Today, we have, essentially, no space program. No drive, no funding.

We choose instead to spend our money on welfare and other “social programs”.

These programs don’t advance human knowledge and intelligence, they undermine it.

They don’t push the pinnacle of human achievement, they create lazy fat stupid people.

Because the country chooses to spend its money somewhere else, and its effort somewhere else, we shall fall behind in the space race to the Russians, the Indians and especially the Chinese.

But we will have bred and nurtured several generations of lazy, unproductive, stupid fat people.

Maybe someone will find a use for them. Perhaps as spaceship fuel.

3 thoughts on “44 years ago:

  1. It was all shot on a secret sound stage hidden under El Capitan.
    With some portions done in the Mohave Desert.

    Didn't you know that?
    All the fat, lazy, unproductive people do.

  2. Now I can't get this picture out of my head of Charleston Heston shouting out "Soylent Fuel is People!"

  3. Brigid beat me to it!

    I was thinking similar thoughts this afternoon when I was looking at some old magazines at a local thrift store. One had a cover story asking if our space program was falling behind to the Soviets. The magazine was from around 1986.

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