Yeah, I’d like to know more….

This should make you angry:

But, if this is as it appears, then I’d also like to see the officers charged. And terminated. and jailed.

Papers, please?

Realize that this was not a port of entry, but an “internal checkpoint”. I dislike the idea of the internal checkpoint, but once the officer had asked the question regarding citizenship, then the rest is an illegal search. They had no cause to stop anyone, and just because the dude didn’t grovel cooperate is no reason for any of the treatment shown on the videotape.

Anyone got more details?

And lest you say, “gee. all he had to do was answer a few questions”…..remember, he was inside the borders, at an illegal checkpoint, and that pesky Constitution says he DIDN’T have to answer.

It is a short step from here to “Your Papers Please”. And a very sharp slope downward.

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When people have had enough:

So when the (mostly white?) patrons of restaurants won’t take their Sunday brunch being interrupted because some black activists are concerned about (black) thugs being detained (and when they resist, being shot) by police for acting like thugs, then what happens?

Those activists get chased out of the restaurant by angry white people who are tired of the bullshit and harassment and double standards…that’s what.

 “White lives matter too!”

People, especially law abiding white people who aren’t racist are beginning to tire of the bullshit. They are tired of being called racist and tired of having their “White Privilege” shoved in their faces…They are (mostly) not racists, and their “Privilege” happens because they are hard working, law abiding folks who don’t squander their money or their opportunities…and they know it. They know they aren’t the issue, but the Black community and society is

The backlash is coming. This is but the opening steps.


So I am at a gunshow….behind a table,  as I had just offered to give a friend of mine who is a knife vendor a break so he can go to the bathroom and get something to drink as he is by himself….

Now, he has 5 tables, each covered with 2 or more with display cases full of KNIVES. (His banner reads “Brads Knives”). Not a firearm on any of the tables. Just various high end knives.

Up wanders Cletus and his friend:  Cletus says “I’m looking for a black chromed (nitrided?) bolt group for an AR”

Brad looks at me. Looks left and then right at his tables full of knives. “Dude, all I sell is knives”.

Cletus says “So you can’t help me then?”


Cletus moves off in a huff.

Please stand by

My computer is experiencing greater and/or lesser technical issues. Posting my be light and/or nonexistant as access to a non -Windows 8 machine is limited.

 I will have to wait for software from the manufacturer…and possibly a new hard drive. We shall see.

So all the FanBois are all atwitter:

GLOCK is going to bring us a firearm that nearly every other manufacturer has had out for years!!!!

I mean, yeah, GLOCKS are nice guns. They lack a decent safety, are more prone to ND’s than any other gun, and their triggers feel like mush and have half assed resets. But they are GLOCKS!

No, really, I just don’t understand the pants wetting happiness that the GLOCK fanbois are having….Is it because your favorite manufacturer is finally giving you what you have been asking for for years? Finally providing you a product you could have purchased from S&W four or more years ago, or Taurus a few years before that (or maybe KAHR a few years before that)? Or is it that you can finally get a moderately unsafe firearm for easier concealed carry (except that you’ll have to have an uncomfortable Kydex IWB holster to carry it in)? Or that you can carry a 9mm pistol with 6 rounds in a package that is 96% of the size of a 1911 derivative* (which comes with real safeties) that carries the same number of rounds….only in .45ACP?

Just kidding folks, I am glad you get to finally carry a concealed single stack and can finally not feel left out by your manufacturer. Because GLOCK!

* This is not an endorsement of Kimber pistols, merely used as a comparison


So the other day I was preaching preparation to a person.

Preparation: Have a few cans of food, a method of cooking it, and a means of staying warm (and alive) if the power goes out for a week or so. Try to have enough food for at least a 2 week period, etc.

So they asked me how to get started. I suggested buying 1 or two extra cans a week until they have 5 cans per person per day stashed. Hide it under a blanket or a board at the bottom of a closet if no other storage is available.

Then one of them asked me…..what if things go really bad….Not just weather elated (ice storm, tornado, etc) but really bad…War, or civil unrest, etc….

You still have the food. You still have the means to cook it.

And most of all, you have TIME…… TIME to prepare. Time to plan. Time to realize what is happening and make other plans….Time to deal with the immediate situation while everyone else is starving and cold. Time to succeed when everyone else is failing around you.