So all the FanBois are all atwitter:

GLOCK is going to bring us a firearm that nearly every other manufacturer has had out for years!!!!

I mean, yeah, GLOCKS are nice guns. They lack a decent safety, are more prone to ND’s than any other gun, and their triggers feel like mush and have half assed resets. But they are GLOCKS!

No, really, I just don’t understand the pants wetting happiness that the GLOCK fanbois are having….Is it because your favorite manufacturer is finally giving you what you have been asking for for years? Finally providing you a product you could have purchased from S&W four or more years ago, or Taurus a few years before that (or maybe KAHR a few years before that)? Or is it that you can finally get a moderately unsafe firearm for easier concealed carry (except that you’ll have to have an uncomfortable Kydex IWB holster to carry it in)? Or that you can carry a 9mm pistol with 6 rounds in a package that is 96% of the size of a 1911 derivative* (which comes with real safeties) that carries the same number of rounds….only in .45ACP?

Just kidding folks, I am glad you get to finally carry a concealed single stack and can finally not feel left out by your manufacturer. Because GLOCK!

* This is not an endorsement of Kimber pistols, merely used as a comparison

One thought on “So all the FanBois are all atwitter:

  1. Glock stays in business despite itself.

    I carry a glock, but I've also purchased my last glock.

    Based on recent Glock releases, they have about a 90% chance of releasing a defective gun. Their .380, the 19 gen 4 and the 30SF all had to go back to Glock to get fixed.

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