So the other day I was preaching preparation to a person.

Preparation: Have a few cans of food, a method of cooking it, and a means of staying warm (and alive) if the power goes out for a week or so. Try to have enough food for at least a 2 week period, etc.

So they asked me how to get started. I suggested buying 1 or two extra cans a week until they have 5 cans per person per day stashed. Hide it under a blanket or a board at the bottom of a closet if no other storage is available.

Then one of them asked me…..what if things go really bad….Not just weather elated (ice storm, tornado, etc) but really bad…War, or civil unrest, etc….

You still have the food. You still have the means to cook it.

And most of all, you have TIME…… TIME to prepare. Time to plan. Time to realize what is happening and make other plans….Time to deal with the immediate situation while everyone else is starving and cold. Time to succeed when everyone else is failing around you.

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. While it can go unsaid, the equally good flip-side of that coin is this: if they already have their supplies, they don't have to go to the stores and face riot conditions when all heck starts breaking loose.

    I hate shopping as it is and I will not put my wife or myself in that kind of danger if/when things get sporty.

  2. Gotta agree with Matt, and I don't have enough here… sigh

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