So I am at a gunshow….behind a table,  as I had just offered to give a friend of mine who is a knife vendor a break so he can go to the bathroom and get something to drink as he is by himself….

Now, he has 5 tables, each covered with 2 or more with display cases full of KNIVES. (His banner reads “Brads Knives”). Not a firearm on any of the tables. Just various high end knives.

Up wanders Cletus and his friend:  Cletus says “I’m looking for a black chromed (nitrided?) bolt group for an AR”

Brad looks at me. Looks left and then right at his tables full of knives. “Dude, all I sell is knives”.

Cletus says “So you can’t help me then?”


Cletus moves off in a huff.

One thought on “Stupidity

  1. I was at a local gun show some years ago. I was looking at a table display of 3-4 types of inert hand grenades. Two ladies, apparently abandoned by spouses, walked up and stared at the grenade display as one asked "Are these used grenades?" All within ear shot got a great chuckle…

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