Spent the day at my parents

My family was there, and while we aren’t a Norman Rockwell kinda family, we had a fun and friendship and family time and fellowship.

And it was good.

And partway through it, I though of, and gave thanks for, all those men and women who couldn’t be with their family because they were elsewhere, in the military, spending their days standing guard in order that I and my family could enjoy that afternoon.

Thank you, men and women of the military. And Merry Christmas.

I appreciate your sacrifice.

Spread my thanks to the rest of your unit, if you are reading this.

Remember why

Why we celebrate this day.

Why we give gifts.

Why we gather with friends and family.

It ain’t about the food and the goodies and the presents.

Remember what we celebrate.

I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas.

What to get everyone for Christmas

I bet you know someone (or a LOT of someones) who would be delighted to have some of THESE.

I know that I do, and that I would. Just think, with this system, after the zombie apocalypse, you can not only have gold bars, BUT YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE.

Cool, eh?

A lot better than FRN’s.

Help a dude out….it’s Christmas.

A friend of Marks, (Talk Radio blogger) has had a bit of misfortune.

I thought I’d bring it to your attention, so if you have a bit of cash to spare, or a gift card you don’t need or might not use, you might be able to send him some help.

Details HERE

Short story: Vietnam vet lost his house in a fire. Friends are rallying around to help him, but since there are a LOT of us on the internet, I thought I’d let loose an appeal for a little more help.

If you can spare a few, or can help in other ways, here is an address:

Wayne Kine
C/O Mark Anderson
230 Allen M Parks Dr.
Rockport Tx, 78382

I put my money where my blog is and sent the hundred bucks that I had laying around for a new lower reciever that is currently out of stock thanks to Obama and Feinstein. So I sent it to him instead.

If you can, even a little, I am sure that it will be appreciated.

Open letter to the NRA

Since their “contact Us” page doesn’t work all that well (keeps asking me to remove anything but numbers, letters and punctuation), and since there is no email via which to contact them (although I will be faxing them a copy of this as soon as their offices open in order to make sure that they hear this.

Dear NRA:

I am a member of the NRA. I am also an NRA certified instructor. I am a gun owner, and I shoot regularly and believe in the Second Amendment.

After viewing the speech by Wayne LaPierre, I feel that this was the final straw. His leadership against our opponents is, at best, tepid, and his speech on Friday was an embarrassment.

I do not think that I will be renewing my membership next time unless he is replaced. He has always been, at best, marginal as a leader of the NRA.  His opposition to the many lawsuits in recent years, all of which were essentially won by the SAF demonstrated his poor judgement and leadership. Friday showed that his usefulness to the organization and the members has come to an end.

It is time for the board of Directors to act. Find a leader who is effective.

I cannot speak for my many fellow members, but unless you do, I think you will lose many members, effectively reducing the effectiveness of the NRA, and ceding it’s power to others, like the SAF.


Oh, and if any of you need them, the Second Amendment Foundation can be found HERE

Gun Owners of America can be found HERE

I think that they are much more effective organizations.

Para update # whatever.

Finally got my Para LDA back from it’s THIRD trip back to the factory.

This time it was for a firing pin that was stuck forward by the Series 80 style firing pin safety. Pull the trigger, the pin sticks out….Rack the slide and pull again, the pin returns to normal. Was kind a interesting finding that error….the first time, the gun jammed, as the firing pin was forward enough that it went OVER the cartridge and prevented feeding.

Cleared that malfunction and then a few mags later got a double. Nope, not a double feed, a double fire. First round on the target, second one went (I think) high. Not sure though.  No damage to the range or backstop. Being the curious type, I had to try once more. loaded two in the magazine and gave it a try…. Got 2 in a row that time too. Both on target Not bad when you are expecting it

Now the pin sticks out most of the time even under dry firing..one hammer drop to make it stick out, another makes it pop back correctly. Even after a THOROUGH cleaning and lubing.

So I call Para (again), select for Customer Service and wait about 5 minutes…..Get a nice female voice asking how she can help me?. I explained my problem and politely asked if there was anyone in authority who MIGHT CARE TO MAKE MY FIREARM WORK RIGHT!

“Please Hold”.

A 3-4 minute wait….

“Please Hold”…from a different voice…?

“Hello, how can I help you?”  Male voice asks.

“Who are you?”  I ask.

“I’m (so and so) from customer service. I handle people who are unhappy with our service. I expedite things and make sure you are happy.,,,How can I help you?”

“Good!” I reply. “How many times should a firearm be returned for service before you make it right?”

“At most once,”He replies.

“Well, this will be the THIRD time I am returning a pistol to you for service”.

I go on to explain my issue and suggest that one of three things should happen:


2.   Replace said pistol with another one that does work.

III.  Refund my purchase price. Offered to provide the bill of sale.

I explain that any of the above choices is acceptable. There are no other options.

He apologizes and says he will personally fire the pistol . I suggest more than one magazine.  In fact, I suggest that he fire it for a few hundred rounds and MAKE SURE THE THING WILL WORK PROPERLY before sending it back to me, as this pistol isn’t going to sit in a drawer. It is gonna get fired…if not as much as some, more than many… He agrees that it will be test fired more than a few rounds.

He sends me a call tag THAT DAY and I ship my pistol to them overnight on their dime.

I get notification that it is on it’s way back 14 days later. I unpack the thing and realize that they have replaced the trigger, the safety, all the slide components (except the slide itself)… the grip safety, the slide stop and, as far as I can tell, everything except the frame and the grips. Maybe the barrel is original. All the new components are blued steel instead of the stainless originals. Not terribly happy about that, but it is acceptable….The gun is FILTHY…..Likely had been fired more than 200 rounds.

Events make me wait a week or so before I have time to get to the range for a decent session.

150 rounds, not one FTF, not one FTE, not one misfire, not one double…Everything is excellent. Rapid fire, slow fire, Ghetto style, all good. Floated 5 cases in the air a couple of times, still no issues.

Next range session a week or so later: no issues over 100 rounds.

Next range session a few days later (I hadda reload some cases) 150 rounds with one FTF (a cracked case that I didn’t notice, led to a set back bullet and a rolled case mouth, not blaming the gun) and otherwise perfect. Lead 230 G round nose , ball 230 G, lead 200 G SWC, all fed well….loads ranging from 4.0 grains of 700x to 5.3 grains of 231…. even a box of Blazer Brass just for fun.

Round count is currently at 450 with no issues AT ALL. The gun hasn’t been cleaned, and the only lube was that which I applied when I cleaned and disassembled the firearm when I received it after being serviced (it was DIRTY then). Slow fire groups are about 1.5″ at 7 yds, 3″ at 50 feet. Not bad for a 3″ autoloader.

The new trigger has finally smoothed out and I am beginning to think that is is finally fixed.

Further testing is, of course, required. As soon as my order for 1000 230G lead round nose comes in, I’ll continue.

I only wish that the damned thing had been this good the first time.