Open letter to the NRA

Since their “contact Us” page doesn’t work all that well (keeps asking me to remove anything but numbers, letters and punctuation), and since there is no email via which to contact them (although I will be faxing them a copy of this as soon as their offices open in order to make sure that they hear this.

Dear NRA:

I am a member of the NRA. I am also an NRA certified instructor. I am a gun owner, and I shoot regularly and believe in the Second Amendment.

After viewing the speech by Wayne LaPierre, I feel that this was the final straw. His leadership against our opponents is, at best, tepid, and his speech on Friday was an embarrassment.

I do not think that I will be renewing my membership next time unless he is replaced. He has always been, at best, marginal as a leader of the NRA.  His opposition to the many lawsuits in recent years, all of which were essentially won by the SAF demonstrated his poor judgement and leadership. Friday showed that his usefulness to the organization and the members has come to an end.

It is time for the board of Directors to act. Find a leader who is effective.

I cannot speak for my many fellow members, but unless you do, I think you will lose many members, effectively reducing the effectiveness of the NRA, and ceding it’s power to others, like the SAF.


Oh, and if any of you need them, the Second Amendment Foundation can be found HERE

Gun Owners of America can be found HERE

I think that they are much more effective organizations.

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  1. If Midwest Chick didn't have so many damn big knives I'd marry you.

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