The more we see of her…..

I was willing to look at and consider Kristi Noem as a candidate….

I even considered all the negatives that the press were touting about her might just be character assassination. .

However, the more she talks, the worse she looks.

I have watched 4 different interviews in the “News” media….^The story of the dead dog named Cricket aside,^ I can’t understand how she ever got to be governor. Her answers are scripted, she’s arrogant and sure that she has all the answers. She’s a weasel, slimy….and honestly, I wouldn’t give her the power a dogcatcher has in any government position. I’m not sure I would let her enter my home, to be honest.

Plus her voice is grating.

I think the Media is letting her talk all she wants, They are handing her rope by the foot. Giving her a gun and letting her shoot herself in the foot.


**There is a lot to unpack there if you care to, but that’s another post


5 thoughts on “The more we see of her…..

  1. i think she started out well if somewhat naive. she’s morphed into a real politician, not a good thing. the more i see tulsi gabbard i feel the same way toward her. if we’re talking vp pics, they have tim scott attop the list. great guy, but just not up to the gruesome tasks ahead of a future vp. he’s not mean enough.

  2. Gentleman was running against Ann Richards for Tx governor’s race and said he had taken his son across the Rio Grande to a bordello for his first time. Blew up his race but he was getting the lead back and then someone mentioned rape and he said if it’s going to happen lay back and enjoy it. Ann Richards won in a landslide. But when interviewed on national TV his comment was he loaded up and shot himself in the foot and then loaded up and shot himself in the other foot again. Noem has plenty of role models.

  3. “Her answers are scripted, she’s arrogant and sure that she has all the answers. She’s a weasel, slimy…”

    You’ve just described almost ALL female politicians…

    There have been a FEW strong women throughout history who could handle politics and warfare properly. By and large though, putting a woman in charge of ANYTHING outside the home is a BAD idea… The evidence speaks for itself…

  4. I lived in South Dakota for a number of years and left after three years under her first term. I didn’t vote for her the first time and back there I wouldn’t vote for her at all, in fact would work and vote for her opponent even if it was a democrat. She is a poster child of a typical female politician. South Dakota could have done better then her.

  5. There is not many people currently in office who should be there. Noem is just another one of those.

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