The students are complaining that the Graduations

At many universities are cancelled due to the “Palestine” protests….

There’s an easy way to fix this….

Every time the protesters start to assemble, students need to kick the shit out of them.


Since the protesters can’t accept limits, don’t know when protests should stop,…. can’t accept that a peaceful protest doesn’t mean disrupting every single thing, then the students need to start kicking ass. I mean that literally. Beating, drag ’em away face down,

Of course, for this to work, the police need to look the other way.

I figure 3, maybe 4 mass beating and the problem will stop…….immediately.

If you don’t stop the behavior, then you accept it. You’ll get more.

The problem is that the cops are protecting the lawbreakers.


One thought on “The students are complaining that the Graduations

  1. Cops doing what cops do, more often than not: protect the guilty, and afflict the innocent.

    Back in the day, not being braindead total tools, they’d scrupulously protect the protesters, then “coincidentally”, they’d all go to lunch at the same time, about five minutes before the assembled students kicked the ever-loving sh*t out of the troublemakers, and return from their meal just in time to arrest all the protesters – only – for rioting, disturbing the peace, and bleeding on public property.

    The lesson having been digested well, there would be no repeat incidents.

    Nowadays, hiring braindead total tools is official policy, even though a few decent folks slip through the cracks, so you get exactly the badged thugs and lickspittles we have now. By design.

    When they find themselves lumped in with the protesters by society at large (already the case many places), the blowback is going to be biblical.

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