That makes me and one other who notices a pattern. (actually a LOT more of us are beginning to notice, or already have).

One day the FBI will miss one, and then there will likely be a significant (and bloody) backlash.

Were they seriously against this violence, they’d purge themselves.

But they haven’t, and they won’t.


Are TSA agents considered Law Enforcement? If so….

Do they take an Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution?

If so, how can all the kerfuffle be happening??????


You lying, cheating son-of-a-bitch.

Were the world a just place, you’d be in jail right now.

You should be forced to give back all the money you made on AGW hype. And repay all the monies that the taxpayers of this country have been forced to pay out in subsidies for ethanol and other “green” initiatives.

You should be horsewhipped and beaten.

Good thing dueling is against the law.

Oh: TSA?

All you whiny fuckers who were so officious, who were so formal, firm and unyielding in your drone like useless jobs ? You folks who have used petty tyranny to retaliate at the complaints when you go too far by making people endure even more rigorous searches The ones who are, at best, failed mall cops and Fast Food rejects,…You who do a non- productive job (and you have to know it), who replaced folks in polyester jackets being paid minimum wage……You useless money wasting child molesting assholes. You who garnered such praise as “Thousands Standing Around”….You 47,000 totally useless government workers.

Yeah, I am talking to you…Mr. or Ms TSA agent.

Now you are whining about how the flying public hates you, and makes your job so stressful, because those potential terrorists taxpaying passengers are calling you names, like “pervert”, “molester”, “creep” and worse:

The public put up with your stupid rules about cuticle scissors, and nail files on toenail clippers. They accepted, grudgingly, the restrictions on liquids. They decided it wasn’t worth arguing about taking off their shoes. We put up with your stupid rules because we just weren’t willing to fight over an inconvenience even though we knew that it was never going to stop even a single act of terrorism.

But if you think that for one minute that they think you have made even ONE flight safer, have stopped even ONE potential terrorist, if you think that they feel that you are anything but a waste of manpower, salaries and blue uniforms, then you are mistaken. If you think that the flying public feels that you are worthy of anything but derision, and have felt that way for a while, then you are mistaken. If you really knew what the public thought of you, your department, and the job you fail to do, you’d slit your wrists. If you knew how hard we laugh at you, even as we put up with your bullshit, you’d have to move and change your name.

Don’t like your job? Feel that it is stressful and demeaning? TOO FUCKING BAD. Where is your self respect? Would your mother and/or father be proud of you? Participating in a farce? Groping people just because you are told to? Willingly trampling on peoples rights just to get a paycheck?

Your boss said that if we didn’t like flying, we were free to choose another method of transportation.

So, by that same logic, if you don’t like your job and the accompanying derision, you can try to get your job at the mall stroller office back….Or see if Burger King will hire you.

Like your boss, we really don’t care.

And you and I both know that if you all quit, we would be just as safe, just as secure, and a lot happier.


It is raining here. Cold, dreary hard rain. I hate it.

And yet:

The weather is unseasonably warm for the week of Thanksgiving. Today we had a high of 67. Were this a “normal” winter, this weather pattern would be dropping a foot or more of snow.

There will be days in the not too near future where we will dream fondly of days like this.

But I got caught in the rain, and I am just wet and cold. And not thankful right now.

I guess it is all a matter of perspective.

So true:

“If you ask 10 gun owners what is the best .45 you’ll get 9 answers and some asshole telling you that you should buy a pistol in 9mm instead….”

Seen in comments on an EZBoard site