Uncensored commentary….yeah this is sad.

8:10 CT:  Biden IS wired. He’s losing it, losing focus. He’s blinking when he’s talking like he’s trying to remember…..and he’s failing.

This is a terrible thing they are doing to an old man. Terrible. It’s sad, and disgusting.

8:20   Trump has the right of the abortion debate. Biden doesn’t even know his facts.

*Have you noticed that Biden keeps looking down as if he is reading something on his lectern? And he just got confused between the immigrant and incest. Biden just lost it. Skipped a track. The moderators cut him off early.

Have you noticed that the camera angles are such that you never get a close look at Biden’s left ear? Are they hiding an earpiece?

At least Biden is back on track.

8:25 Biden is absolutely unconnected about the border. Either he is lying or he is totally uniformed. He’s losing it again. His rebuttals are weak and wavering.

8: 34 Trump makes good points about Afghanistan, about Ukraine, and Hamas/Israel. Biden’s response is confused and weak. Very confused. Trump looks good, Biden looks poor and confused. This is a sad showing from a confused old man.

8:38  Biden’s response to the Hamas/Israel war shows he is having a hard time getting on the right track. His preprogrammed response is wandering and confused. (It’s almost as if he had the questions given to him beforehand so he could memorize a response….but he can’t stay on track.) Trump blew it in his response on Israel. He pissed off both sides. Biden can’t keep Israel and Ukraine straight. Trump failed his response too though

8:45    Nice setup for Jan 6th to slam Trump. He’s sidestepping it though. The 10K troops is a big deal. Biden keeps repeating the same tropes that are old and essentially everyone knows are lies. Trump shows strong here. Biden just looks weak and old. He repeats statements that he has to know are lies.   Trump at least can do a decent rebuttal. Biden’s fake outrage is feeble.

8:51   Biden fails to answer the question regarding the American voters who vote for Trump. Brings up old stories about Charlottesville. Can’t do more than repeat the stories about both that and Jan 6th. .He seems confused and struggling.

Of course, a commercial break.

(I still think we should have had drug tests for both candidates) The networks should have gone “Side by side” like they do for auto racing instead of cutting away…

8:59  Of course, we gotta use Black Americans to show how much the Democrats have done something for the, (But, let’s face it, the issues with Black Americans are, mostly due to Black American culture and behavior). Trump’s response about inflation is a real blow, as is the illegal immigrant comment towards the jobs that they are taking from Black people. Again, Biden gets confused and rambles, as if he is a confused old man. Funny how the moderators just skipped ahead there. Trump won’t let it go either. He’s responding with facts and thinking on his feet.

9:05   And again, Biden loses his track regarding Black College funding, He’s wandering. He’s repeating the same climate bullshit. Trump is sorta wandering to though, but it isn’t due to being confused. Biden is again, wandering.

9:10 Of course, Biden would say “Fair Share” it’s been a Democrat cry as long as I have been alive. He’s gonna attack the “Rich” . Social Security is failing but not because it’s underfunded, it’s overspent. At least when it comes to Social Security Biden was able to stay on point. Trump not so much. But Trump at least appears lucid. His statement about illegals getting Social Security and Medicaid is on point. But he’s starting to repeat himself. Biden’s response is, again, rambling and off topic. He’s repeating himself as well.

9: 15  Trump failed to answer the question. but his statement about the Afghanistan debacle was a solid hit… as was the statement about the border folks also. Trump is wandering though. He needs to be more clear. Biden’s response is weak and idiotic and repetitive. Both sides appear to be running out of prepped statements. Neither side had a response regarding child care. Biden is starting to grin like a confused moron or a man with dementia.

9: 20     “Manchurian candidate” Hah! A poor response to the addiction question.  Biden, again, had a wandering response. Confused. Canned. Trump, however, is less than on point, trying to get his bullet points in.

9:  24  The age question is a good one, but Biden didn’t answer it. He too is trying to get his bullet points in. Nice job of the Moderator to prod him to use his time and to get his other statement in. One might think Biden’s drugs are wearing off….Trumps answer is a hard hit that Biden refuses to take a cognitive test. Trump at least, answered the question. Biden is lost in his response.

9:30   Trump’s response is good, regarding “political Violence” “If the election is free and fair, I want that as much as anyone”.  Fair answer. But then he returned to trying to make his points.  Fail.    Biden’s rebuttal is just as poor. His memorized statement is poorly delivered. Makes him look old and confused.  R=Trump too is trying to give canned responses “If they are fair and honest” . Biden actually had a somewhat cogent response to Trump’s answer.

And, another commercial.

9: 39    Closing statements: Biden first: He seems to be unable to be clear or even make a bold showing. This, above all, should have been clear and cogent. Biden is stumbling and failing. This, one would think, would be the most practiced and well done part of the whole debate.  Trump’s statement is, at least, well delivered if poorly composed. Trump appeared to have all his faculties (as much as he ever has, anyway). Biden did not seem to be all there.

Sad showing by Biden, less bad for Trump.

Honestly, The process was a lot more fair than I expected. I have no idea what the post debate commentary will be, I’m not gonna watch it.

I’m out.












6 thoughts on “Uncensored commentary….yeah this is sad.

  1. Looks like they’re giving Biden a breather in the middle too. I thought it was supposed to be an uninterrupted hour and a half.

  2. No note permitted… CNN said so… Biden is CLEARLY reading from his podium. At one point he actually PICKED UP the notes! He was also fiddling with something in his RIGHT ear!

    He also said that women were being raped by their brothers… and sisters… Good trick…

  3. So…..wow…..where…..or what……man I don’t even know how to make a coherent statement from the whirling mess of my mind.
    So how did we get here? I mean, the public humiliation of “the leader of the free world”. Who put him up to this charade of a debate?
    Now mind you; I aint voting for that rotting sack of oatmeal. He can just go back to Scranton or whichever town will take him.
    But still, I listened to that POS on the way home this evening, and boy howdy, did he sound rough. He didn’t sound like he had 10 days of prep time at all.
    When are we going to get the adults back in charge and cleanse ourselves from the evil elites? When are we going to bring back the America that we were promised?
    I’m going to pray. Yeap, I do think that will help.

  4. Watched my mom and mother-in-law pass away from Alzheimer’s. We did everything possible to make sure that neither of them had to “handle” anything other than doing their best to get through their remaining days. What we are witnessing here, along with TREASON, is clearly ELDER ABUSE and ALL involved, including of course Jill and Obama, MUST be charged accordingly. But in all fairness, he is also a traitor, a child molester, a pedophile, has sold out his nation for millions of dollars, and during his career in Congress, has done more to help destroy this nation than most…so F him.

    • “So F Him”
      Nope, this treatment of Mr Biden is just plain wrong, no matter what he has done. Charge him, try him, convict him, punish him…. But this treatment of an elderly dementia addled man is just plain wrong. No one can justify this.

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