Sure looks like something changed

Seems to me that Biden sure has a lot more “spring” to his step, and seemed to walk more like a person not suffering from old age/dementia/ He seems more alert/more aware  and more together walking around as he came back from Camp David.

Perhaps there is another explanation, but I think he’s been fed a cocktail of stimulants to make him more….together over the past week. I bet his ears are ringing like he’s inside a bell and his heart is ticking like an overwound metronome….I bet he can talk with electricity right now….


I liked the suggestion that Trump delay starting the event as long as possible so that Biden’s meds will wear off before the end of the debate…

2 thoughts on “Sure looks like something changed

  1. His physical collapse, 25 minutes into the debate, shows that the “cocktail” is losing it’s effectiveness

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