Biden’s handlers refuse request for a drug test

Biden’s campaign responds to Trump’s request to take a drug test one day before debate

One would expect that, but if you read down a bit in the article, you can see that Speaker Mike Johnson (r) is running interference for Biden against Trump as well.

It’s funny, we drug test our athletes , many of our workers, our military, our pilots, even our truck drivers. But the leadership of our country is fighting to prevent drug testing of our President……

It’s not that they are cheating that bothers me, it’s that everyone knows but we can’t do anything about it, Much like the 2020 election debacle.

They know we know and they don’t care that we do.

Our only recourse is gonna be civil war, and I’d hate to see that happen.


4 thoughts on “Biden’s handlers refuse request for a drug test

  1. One can only imagine what they are filling him full of up at Camp David this week, all to see what achieves the best results. Peeing in a cup RIGHT before the debate, with the lab performing the testing shown in a small image during the debate would be even better and would more accurately reveal what they settled on. Some genetic testing to prove that this is actually Joe Biden would also be great.

  2. I agree – test them both. Hell, they found cocaine in the White House and never found out who it was. (Not that the search was very intense – I don’t think the video tapes were ever screened). Wouldn’t it be funny that it was Pedo Joes all along ?

    I’ll tell you, Joe could be missing out on gaining ‘street creds’.

  3. Of course he’s being juiced.

    That’s a “tell me without telling me” test the White House just failed.

    And Trump rubbed their noses in it.

    He’s got no teleprompter tomorrow.
    I predict “technical difficulties”.

  4. Is anyone actually surprised by this? Anyone paying attention knows what’s happening. And many are waking up to the fact that there is no longer any peaceful or legal means of redress. The entire system is corrupt beyond repair.

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